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Bla bla bla about me

Hello everyone. Here’s  some of my work from the past 45 years plus or minus a few days.  You can view four of my personal films, three of my books, and some characters I’ve designed. I like to talk about a lot of other things besides me since I am easily bored, so there will be blog posts too.  But first, let’s talk about me. 

I storyboarded this sequence of A GOOFY MOVIE for Disney television, animated Max and Roxanne, and four more minutes of the picture.  I designed and animated Billy Bones in TREASURE PLANET and the 3 FATES in HERCULES. At Warner Brothers I animated Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck in the ‘backstage’ scene of BLOOPER BUNNY, and even got to direct them in BUGS BUNNY’S LUNAR TUNES. I designed, directed, storyboarded and animated cinematics on an early video game, THE CRAYON FACTORY.  But wait, there’s more…

So what happens next?

I taught animation courses for 20 years in 3 different schools and found that it was like directing, with a lower budget. Many of those little student exercises and films were incredibly original and creative, and former students are now bringing that creativity to studios I once worked for. It’s the best thanks a teacher can get.

As for me, I have no intention of settling down. 

So settle down, take a look around, and have fun.




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