nancyHello everyone, and welcome to a site dedicated to my work in animation, cartooning, illustration, and writing. I’ve been doing all of them professionally, though not at the same time, for about forty years give or take a few months.  There are individual pages here devoted to the films I’ve worked on or made, the books I’ve written, and various masterclasses given here and there around the world. I like to talk about a lot of other things besides me since I am easily bored, so there will be blog posts too.

When we started out at Cal Arts in its first session of the Character Animation program in 1975 we were all in awe of the Nine Old Men of Disney, whom we met in person.  I sometimes referred to them, and their contemporaries at Warners and MGM, as the Great Princes of the Forest. Cal Arts, Sheridan, and the Richard Williams Studio in London were some of the places keeping the art of full character animation alive in the Seventies, when it had been written off as hopelessly obsolete and dying.  I guess you could say I and my classmates were rebuilding an endangered species, but in a (not too) graphic sense.

As Sam Goldwyn said, ‘we have all passed a lot of water since then’ and animation is now a thriving medium (no it is NOT a ‘genre’) with features and short films and applications in areas that were barely dreamed of at the time; many  platforms did not even exist ten years ago. I once predicted that it would be possible to make an animated feature, single handed, in a broom closet by the year 2000. That milestone actually occured a few years later, but it’s never been easier to make an animated film than it is now, and more importantly, to get it distributed. I imagine telling my younger self about how it would be possible to get effects once only possible in expensive feature films, in a student project. Or distribute a film to the entire world with the click of a button.

That kid would be over the moon.

So hang on to your hats (I usually wear one but they are not required here) and I hope you enjoy the site.