Boo Hoo, Facebook Jail Time

I’ve bee tossed into Facebook jail for 24 hours for replying to a friend’s post that mentioned a certain world leader who was waving Q tips around.  I replied that people in my home country are ‘sheep’ and that some other countries’ citizens –one with a name that begins with F and is famous forgroundedcheese and wine– would r–t in the streets if they were treated that way. This is hardly an original assertion and so I won’t repeat it here.

I was not an early convert to social media but like all of us, I have come to rely on it because of the convenience. It saved having to remember the emails of my friends. It enabled me to meet new friends in a variety of fascinating fields. I ‘met’ writers whom I admired, artists whose work I loved, and people in some pretty unusual fields. It takes up a good deal of my time now that I am not able to get out and socialize with anyone. Unlike many animators, I enjoy socializing and do not enjoy being a homebody. I gave up freelancing and took ‘in house’ positions beginning in the late Eighties because I was not able to work all day with no one else around. I made less money but enjoyed the work more.

While I used to say that Facebook was ‘for fluffy’ the appalling events of this year have made it increasingly difficult to just post funny pictures of dogs and cats and bunnies. And since I apparently offend their ‘community standards’ (hey, are these the same ‘standards’ that are currently being investigated because of abuse by three political brothers?)Incidentally, I was blocked while trying to post a charming picture of the River Cam in Christchurch, New Zealand. 

I can see how that might offend some people; I have many friends in Australia.

At any rate, it is high time that I started updating this blog, and it looks as if it will be the main way I communicate for the foreseeable future. 

So, it’ll be an interesting experience because…this blog posts to Facebook. So if anyone there sees this…hello! I have been a naughty person! See you tomorrow and I’ll see about inviting you to a different social media site. There are others, apparently.

Have fun and stay safe.


By nancybeiman

I draw cartoons and write books.


  1. Sorry to hear about about this bothersome blocking. Facebook won’t allow me to put a link to my blog’. Not the political but the harmless artistic one. I get a notice that says it’s against community standards. Never could find out why! Try not to worry about it, I don’t.


    1. Hello Tash, I”m still in the jailhouse til later today. You can post it later. I am furious at these people who allow political operatives, bigots, racists and trolls to range freely but block a cartoonist. (And I don’t see any reason why you can’t put the link into the body of your post on a blog that is now owned by Facebook.) Just try again later. Thank you.


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