Carrying on in spite of it

canadian unicornI am now on Instagram. I’m going to get off Facebook for good, since I am tired of being bullied because I don’t think that things are going terribly well. Any fool can see that, but apparently the censors there are clearly not just any fools.

So, I have to suddenly learn how to navigate the system and it’s an interesting choice. It remains to be seen how long I will stay with it. I mean, it’s not as if anything is going on here.

Except that I am trying to become a gardener in a small way in an apartment that has absolutely no sunlight. I rigged up an animation backlight with a grow light and the kitchen sink now has a slightly thriving crop of pea shoots, sunflower seeds, basil and mint. It’s way too cold to put them outside at this time so I have to keep them there. I traded some chocolate pudding for six flower pots yesterday and so the basil and mint look a bit healthier. I have two pretty pots on the patio (nice alliteration there) that I painted with some cute animals, so that they would be easy to identify. Voila, a neighbor told me that if I put those things on the roof terrace, they would immediately be stolen. So after thinking about it (and making my head hurt) I remembered that the Taiwanese farmers on Moon Lake had floating gardens, as Mexico City once had. I loved them at the time and then got an idea. I have this folding red wagon that I used during the move. I had no further use for it so it’s been in the closet for the duration. But it can be unfolded and have the large pots put in it. I can then take the wagon up to the roof when it gets warmer so that the plants can get sun; and sit with them (reading a book or painting) to prevent the theft that a neighbor assured me would definitely happen if I left them there. Not everyone in this building is nice.  So, it helps not to care any more whether one looks ridiculous…I’ll have the Traveling Gardens of Babylon or whatever, ready to roll in about a month’s time. Right now we are still getting snow.

By nancybeiman

I draw cartoons and write books.

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