Cartooning in an epidemic

I hadn’t realized that cartooning could be so important during an emergency. To date, I have drawn cute images for people with terminal cancer, with Covid 19, and with severe depression. This seems to make them happy. Who knew that simple drawings of cute rabbits and pictures of my cats could make so many people so happy? But art, and especially comic art, are never more necessary than in dangerous times. They keep people motivated to get up in the morning. And those people include me.

I drew this to keep some small children entertained during the epidemic, and why shouldn’t the Easter Bunny do something else during the remainder of the year?

I tried doing this little comic strip. It only has had two issues so far…it’s sad. All of the children asked Easter to bring ‘a cure for covid 19’ while the adults were asking for stogies and vodka…hence the second issue.

Eventually I may get back to this, but for now, I have to draw a caricature of a young fellow and his dog…thankfully he doesn’t have covid 19, but he is getting over a serious illness. Back atcha later.

By nancybeiman

I draw cartoons and write books.

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