Opening Instagram account

I’m pretty sure that I will be closing down Facebook and instead going with Instagram. You can find me there, as of today, although of course I have not written much. This site will be for posts about my work too…which consists, at this point in time, of trading cups of chocolate chip pudding for a few flowerpots to transplant the garden growing on the kitchen sink. I repurposed an animation backlight with a grow bulb as the ‘sun’ since this apartment gets very, very poor light. I am currently debating whether to take the smaller of my two bicycles up onto the roof to ride the obstacle course of the raised garden beds there. When the sun gets warmer I have two large pots on the patio that will be put into a little red wagon and taken up to the roof where I can sit with them and read a book. I was told that they would be stolen if I did not do this. So…a portable garden has been invented. I am so glad that I am a fan of Buster Keaton, since he was MacGyvering before there was a MacGyver. I have to take what I have and repurpose it as necessary because it’s not possible to get a light on the patio…the same electrical ‘genius’ who rigged up the dubious looking lights out there nearly burnt out the electrical outlet when doing it. I am too scared to plug them in and the outlet does not work.

So…portable garden. It’s a solution. If the Taiwanese can float their gardens on a lake, then I can haul mine around in a little red camping wagon. I am so glad that I did not give that thing away after the move.

We carry on.

By nancybeiman

I draw cartoons and write books.

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