Opening Instagram account

I’m pretty sure that I will be closing down Facebook and instead going with Instagram. You can find me there, as of today, although of course I have not written much. This site will be for posts about my work too…which consists, at this point in time, of trading cups of chocolate chip pudding for… Continue reading Opening Instagram account

Studies with a Saint

I attended a mindfulness retreat for academics held at Brock University in 2013. It turned out to be the last retreat Thich Nhat Hanh ever had. He had a massive stroke in 2014 and is paralyzed and can no longer talk. But he is still alive and enjoying life. He can teach without saying a… Continue reading Studies with a Saint

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Hoax Toasties

Do you remember how we used to love to read MAD magazine and see the clever social and political satire and wonderful caricatures by great artists like MOrt Drucker and Jack Davis? Well, MAD gave up the ghost last year. It simply was no longer able to compete with reality. We are living in a… Continue reading Hoax Toasties

Carrying on in spite of it

I am now on Instagram. I’m going to get off Facebook for good, since I am tired of being bullied because I don’t think that things are going terribly well. Any fool can see that, but apparently the censors there are clearly not just any fools. So, I have to suddenly learn how to navigate… Continue reading Carrying on in spite of it

Boo Hoo, Facebook Jail Time

I’ve bee tossed into Facebook jail for 24 hours for replying to a friend’s post that mentioned a certain world leader who was waving Q tips around.  I replied that people in my home country are ‘sheep’ and that some other countries’ citizens –one with a name that begins with F and is famous forcheese… Continue reading Boo Hoo, Facebook Jail Time