Here is some of my character design work; quite a lot of it wasn’t used, but it is the process that counts.

new lineup with coyote5

THE OTHER EDEN was created as part of my graduation package from RIT’s Masters degree program. It was completed (storyboard to final) in eight weeks.

In 2020 I started drawing “My Corona Diary”. It’s about to end, not because the pandemic is over, but because it’s pretty much ‘rinse and repeat’ by now. I might publish the cartoons in a book if I have nothing better to do with my money…publishers are not interested.
This was the very first Corona Diary Cartoon…April, 2020.
I also drew a lot of political cartoons during the past two years, although they only appeared on social media. I was exorcising a demon, or trying to.

I can’t believe that this turned up on YouTube….but THE CRAYON FACTORY, a wonderful video game that I designed characters for, directed, and animated about half of the cut scenes for…somehow turned up on YouTube. It’s one of the best shows I ever worked on and no one has seen it since 1992, since the CDI platform did not catch on. Even producer Gary Drucker was astonished that this show looks this good.

Shari Lewis does the voice of Saturday, and our head engineer is Mr. Pen.

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